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August 2009

Supposed security hole in MisterEstate

29.08.2009 03:14 by Admin

since yesterday Google and other searchengines list several links to an exploit which can be used for sql injections and database manipulation. The exploit was reported at www.milw0rm.com on 18.08.2009.

Because the author of the exploit failed to name the ME version for his exploit, I want to catch it up:

the exploit concerns ME 1.5.0 and older versions only. Securitypatches were already released on 18.05.2009 and are available for free. Those using an unpatched ME version are strongly adviced to download and install the securitypatch or switch to the newest ME release.

Current versions (from ME 1.5.1) are not affected.

Seems someone wanted to aggrandize itsself...

MisterEstate 1.6.0 stable released

28.08.2009 01:38 by Admin

MisterEstate 1.6.0 stable

ME 1.6.0 is the first 100% complete native version, legacy mode is no more required. With this release switching to Joomla 1.5 as base is finished.

The focus of future development will be further adjustment to the J! 1.5 architecture (MVC) and the implementation of new and userfriendlier features:
for example the current object type and attribute model will be replaced by a more flexible one, which will enable administrators to declare own object types and attributes and use ME not only for presentation of real estate properties. Another milestone will be the implementation of import and export interfaces, which will enable ME to exchange data with local applications and other websites. More informations about will be published soon.

At this point I want to thank all ME users and subscribers who enabled the fast switch to Joomla 1.5 and the project´s continuance with their fees and other contributions.

Mod Images 1.6.0 released

25.08.2009 05:12 by Admin

this module replaces the past "latest images" and "random images" modules. It was developed from scratch and is available as 100% native version, like the other modules released during the last days. A detailed description and the list of configuration options are available at the downloadarea.

This module is available for all subscribers.

Mod Popular 1.6.0 available

24.08.2009 23:58 by Admin

this module shows a list of most popular MisterEstate objects, based on the click rate. It was also completely refactored and extended with new configuration options and is available as a 100% native version now. A detailed description and a list of configuration options are available at the downloadarea.

This module is available for all subscribers.

Mod Latest Imagescroller 1.6.0 available

21.08.2009 19:11 by Admin

like the other two modules available for upcoming ME 1.6.0 stable until now, Mod Latest Imagescroller was also completely refactored, extended with new configuration options and is available as a 100% native version now. You can find a detailed description and complete list of options at the downloadarea.

This module is available for all subscribers.

Mod Quicksearch 1.6.0 available

20.08.2009 07:03 by Admin

the module was refactored and is available now as completely native release for the upcoming stable and also 100% native MisterEstate version. Beside the adjustment to Joomla´s 1.5 API it has got several new configuration options, a clearer sourcecode and W3C compliant HTML-output.

The module is available for all subscribers.

Mod Categories for ME 1.6.x available

19.08.2009 07:30 by Admin

this is the first available native module for the upcoming stable version of ME 1.6.0.
It was extended with several configuration options. One of the new features is the automatic category detection which shows only the subcategories of the category a user is viewing currently.

More details are available at the modules downloadarea. The module is available for all subscribers.

MisterEstate 1.6.0 RC 2 native available

17.08.2009 19:10 by Admin

ME 1.6.0 RC 2

all bugs of ME 1.6.0 RC 1 were fixed in ME 1.6.0 RC 2.

Changes and news:
the configuration of thousands and decimals separators has been moved to languagefiles to ease the adaption of price informations to country specific number formats on multilinguale websites. Beside this from now on it is possible to configure the amount of decimals and the position of the currency symbol.

MisterEstate 1.6 supports the new Joomla languagefile format (.ini) and will be delivered with english languagefiles only from now on. In opposite to the previous solution other languages will be available as separate packages and installable with the Joomla installer in the future.

The package is available for all subscribers at our download area.

Greek translation for ME 1.5.x available

12.08.2009 16:12 by Admin

Marios Polycarpou has contributed a Greek translation for ME 1.5.x. The languagefiles are available for free, you only have to register and login.

Module Featured Images for ME 1.5.x released

12.08.2009 15:57 by Admin

this module is a copy of the latest images modul and preconfigured to show pictures of featured properties. It was adjusted by our user alanfoot and makes it possible to show both - latest images of regular and featured properties - on the same website. The module is compatible with ME 1.5.0 - 1.5.2 and available for all subscribers. Our user has got a free 6 month subcription for his contribution.

Mod Latest Imagescroller for ME 1.5.x available

06.08.2009 07:24 by Admin

Ralf Huchtmeier has adjusted the latest imagescroller module, which is now compatible with MisterEstate 1.5.x. Beside the compatiblity adjustment the sql query has been reworked.

The module has several configuration options as for example vertical/horicontal alignment, amount of pictures, configurable background colors and more.

It is available for all subscribers from now on.