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April 2009

MisterEstate 1.5.0 added to downloads

29.04.2009 00:00 by Admin

ME 1.5.0 available

As mentioned before, the first ME version compatible with Joomla!1.5.x (in legacy mode) is ready for download.

The maingoals of this release were the migration to Joomla! 1.5, fixing of some wellknown bugs and improvements to the sourcecode to get a clean basis for the further development bit by bit.
Therefore this version comes without spectacular visual changes and new features. Most of the changes are lying under the visible surface, as you can see in the changelog.

Module Categories 1.5.0 added to downloadarea

28.04.2009 04:12 by Admin


mod_me_categories shows a list of current published MisterEstate categories and was adapted to work with MisterEstate 1.5.0 and Joomla 1.5.x.

Module Quicksearch 1.5.0 added to downloadarea

28.04.2009 04:12 by Admin

mod quicksearch 1.5.0

mod_me_quicksearch shows a miniform with several fields. It enables users to search the MisterEstate database from all sites of your website. This release was adapted to work with MisterEstate 1.5.0 and Joomla 1.5.x.

ME news and changes to the project

27.04.2009 18:40 by Admin

While moving MisterEstate.com to a new server we decided to take the chance and migrate the project´s website and the forum to a new software basis too. We are sorry for the temporary downtime and hope you will enjoy the benefits of the new system as well as we do.

During the downtime of MisterEstate we worked not only on the setup of the new system, but also on the next release of the MisterEstate component and its modules. And so we are able to present you the first Joomla! 1.5 compatible ME release today (more informations below).

Further changes we want to mention at this point:
The previous ME release cycles were partially very long and the support wasn´t what it could have been under other circumstances. This facts were very frustating not only for ME users, but for us too.

Therefore we asked ourselfs how we could lift the project and its services onto a level that satisfies our users on one hand and ourselfs on the other hand?

Let´s make it short, the only logical answer was: spend more time on the project!

Huuuh... - is it really that simple? Unfortunately not, because we can´t spend most of our time on a free available software if we don´t want to find us stranded down on the street - while others benefit from our work (what makes us happy btw.). So we searched for a better solution.
The donation model didn´t work after all and aside from this we felt that it has a cheap smack to beg users for donations all along. Somehow, this isn´t our way.
Against the background of our intention to reduce the release cycles and improve the support, we decided therefore to split the downloadbase into two areas - a free one and one for registered members on subscription basis.
The free one is accessible for everybody without the need to register and will contain older ME releases. The other one is accessible only for members on subscription basis and will contain always the latest ME core component, modules and plugins. Beside this, it is possible furthermore to get the newest MisterEstate release for free.

We hope you can follow our decision and would be happy if you remain faithful!