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July 2009

MisterEstate 1.6.0 RCI native available

29.07.2009 13:26 by Admin

ME 1.6.0 RC I

it´s done! The first 100% native MisterEstate version is available.

ME 1.6.0 RC I is a release candidate and should be used only for testing purposes and not on production websites. The package is available for all subscribers at our download area. More informations will follow soon...

French languagefiles updated for ME 1.5.2

23.07.2009 23:48 by Admin

Alain Olivier, owner of www.declick-immo.com, has updated the french translation for ME 1.5.2.

Brazilian-Portuguese languagefiles updated for ME 1.5.2

21.07.2009 03:22 by Admin

Diego Brunhara, webmaster of www.celiobrunharaimoveis.com.br has updated Brazilian-Portuguese languagefiles for ME 1.5.2.

Languagefiles are available at the downloadarea for all subscribers.

Dutch translation for ME 1.5.1 available

21.07.2009 01:17 by Admin

Pawel Krol has contributed a Dutch translation for MisterEstate up to version 1.5.1. and has got a free 6 month subscription for his contribution. The files are available for all subscribers at our downloadbase.

Spanish translation for ME 1.5.2 available

16.07.2009 18:24 by Admin

Polish languagefiles updated for ME 1.5.2

15.07.2009 09:45 by Admin

Arkadiusz Książek has updated the polish languagefiles for ME 1.5.2.

Russian languagefiles updated for ME 1.5.2

15.07.2009 08:58 by Admin

Pavel Savushkin, webmaster of www.real-pearl.ru, has updated the russian translation for ME 1.5.2.

Croatian languagefiles for ME 1.5.2 released

15.07.2009 08:49 by Admin

Tanja Dragisic from www.05vizija.net has updated the Croatian languagefile for ME 1.5.2. The languagefiles are available for all subscribers.

MisterEstate 1.5.2 released

08.07.2009 10:25 by Admin

MisterEstate 1.5.2

MisterEstate is available for all subscribers since this morning.

The attention of this version was the fixing of bugs of the previous version on one hand and on the other hand the further adaption to Joomla´s 1.5 API to get a basis for the further enhancement and to be able to provide MisterEstate as a native Joomla component as soon as possible. This will become reality with ME 1.5.3 probably.