How To Get MisterEstate For Free

beside signing up for a subscription there are several ways to get the MisterEstate package for free furthermore:
  1. become a forum moderator and help other ME users find solutions
  2. translate a languagefile into an up to now missing language *
  3. develop a new or customize an existent module or plugin
  4. write a howto or provide a self recorded screencast
  5. contribute something else what is usefull for others
For at least one of these contributions you will get free access to the downloadarea. Please use the contactform to send us your contribution or to ask for a forum moderator account.

  • we reserve the right to refuse contributions at any time.
  • your contribution must be licensed under GPL (or a similar license)
  • your contribution should be a creation of your own (means: no simple copy of someone else´s work with only 1 changed line) - especially when your contribution is a module or plugin.
* languagefiles have to be saved with the encoding UTF8 NO BOM
   If you plan to translate languagefiles, please check if there´s a translation available for this language already.
   You can find all available translations at our downloadarea (free registration / login required).